Parent’s Lotto Rota December ’18

The lotto Rota for parents who kindly volunteered to attend the lotto draw is listed below. As you know, the proceeds of the draw are divided between both schools of the parish and the Athletic Club and by attending, you are ensuring the continuing financial support the P.A. receives from the lotto committee, enabling us in turn, to subsidize various activities our children enjoy. If for any reason you cannot attend on your specific night, you must organize someone to take your place. The lotto draw commences at 9 pm.

• Each month the Lotto Rota is circulated to the specific parents participating and attending the lotto draw during that particular month. This rota is also available in the Tracton News Sheet and on the school webpage.
• Parents will be texted a reminder on the day prior to attending the lotto draw.
• The Lotto tickets and money from Minane Bridge NS PA is collected each Wednesday from a member of the PA Committee.
• One parent must collect the Lotto money and tickets from the school and bring to the Lotto draw.
• Both parents must sign the notebook included in the Parents Association Lotto Box.
• The PA Lotto box is returned to the school secretary on the next school day.

Please note your night..


Siobhan Curtin

Alice Duggan The Harbour Bar Bar 05/12/2018

John Ryan
Paul Lowney Roberts Cove Inn 12/12/2018

Dan Lynch
Fionan McCarthy The Finders Bar 19/12/2018